Ondrej Zoricak - Gestures


Type  painting
Date 2020/2021
Size 140 x 180 cm
Photos Manuel Carreon Lopez


Brush strokes are the integral components that construct a painting and stand alone as a metaphor for art itself. Within the contemporary context they can be read with critical reference to the myth and cliché of the artist.

The gesture of an artist, as Jacques Lacan describes it, is directed into the Other. This desire to tame the gaze is always accompanied by the deception in vision trompe-l’oeil, that is, by deceiving the eye.

The brush strokes in my paintings constitute the finality of a gestural movement but simultaneously they are the initial point of the moment of perception. As a result, a point of contact arises between artist and spectator as well as between gesture and impression. Situating this meeting point into the depiction of a grand gesture I am creating a link between the formalistic and psychoanalytical approach of art and question the illusion of separateness. In reference to Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings one could also state that the observer and the observed are part of the same process.


Acting Out

One Thought Away

Installation View




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